Finnish Trade Register

The Finnish Trade Register is an official public register of enterprises. The purpose of the register, which is kept by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, is to serve the private and public sectors and maintain and strengthen legal certainty in business activities.

The details of the parties engaging in commercial activities (enterprises) are entered in the Finnish Trade Register. In addition to the information on enterprises, the register also contains the details of housing companies and right-of-occupancy associations.

Limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships and co-operatives must always be registered in the Finnish Trade Register.

In most cases, self-employed persons must submit a start-up notification to the Finnish Trade Register. At the moment, there are more than 660,000 enterprises and corporations in the register.

For more information about the Finnish Trade Register, visit the website of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office
More information about the starting of an enterprise and business operations

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office registers and publishes financial statements. The obligation to enter financial statements in the Finnish Trade Register depends on the company form.

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