Fennovoima’s nuclear power project is in the construction licence phase

Photo of Fennovoima's construction site

Fennovoima Oy’s nuclear power project has reached the construction licence phase.  

Before the construction licence can be granted, Fennovoima must present a plan for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. According to the decision-in-principle issued in 2010, Fennovoima started a EIA procedure for its own final disposal facility for spent fuel. The programme phase of the EIA ended in December 2016 by the statement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Fennovoima also has a cooperation agreement with Posiva Solutions Oy to clarify the final disposal solutions for spent nuclear fuel.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy processes the construction licence application in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority assesses the nuclear safety of the plant.

In the autumn 2015, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy launched a statutory hearing, circulating the construction licence application for comments. The ministry will update the circulation for comment before the government decides on the construction licence. 

More details on the project can be found on Fennovoima’s website.

Further information: jaakko.louvanto(at)gov.fi

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