Low-carbon roadmaps 2035

In 2020 industry-specific roadmaps for low-carbon emissions were prepared in cooperation between the government and the industries in Finland. The roadmaps will be updated in accordance with Orpo’s government program.

A dramatic change is required for the transition to a low-carbon society. The roadmaps will provide a more detailed picture of the scale and cost of the measures required. Transition to a low-carbon society offers Finland significant opportunities for exporting its solutions to other countries in need of similar solutions.

In October 2020, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment published a report summarising the main results of the sectoral roadmaps. The report was published in English on 15 February 2021. The report includes summaries of published roadmaps, key conclusions of the project, a description of the work process and estimates of further work. It also explores how the roadmaps will be utilised in climate and energy work towards a low-carbon Finland.

Summary of sectoral low-carbon road maps

Publications of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment 2021:9

Contact information

Roadmaps are under extensive preparation in ministries and in industry sectors. The names of contact persons in ministries are shown below, while the names of contact persons in various industries can be found on pages Key Industries and Other Sectors.

Industry and overall coordination

  • Juhani Tirkkonen, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (general roadmap work, roadmaps as part of the climate and energy policy preparation)
  • Jyrki Alkio, Project Manager, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (RD&I funding, promotion of exports and international growth, communications)
  • Mauri Vieru, Communications Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (communications)

Construction: Teppo Lehtinen, Ministry of the Environment ([email protected])

Transport: Päivi Antikainen and Saara Jääskeläinen, Ministry of Transport and Communications ([email protected])

Agriculture and forestry: Hanna Mattila, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ([email protected])