Low-carbon roadmaps

Finland aims to be carbon neutral in 2035 and carbon negative soon after that. Sectoral low-carbon roadmaps are a way to obtain a more accurate picture of the scale, costs and preconditions of the measures required for carbon neutrality and to increase awareness of the opportunities created by the carbon neutrality target.

Low-carbon roadmaps describe the different sectoral paths towards a low-carbon economy. Having separate roadmaps prepared for each sector helps to ensure that the sector’s companies consider them relevant and easy to commit to. The low-carbon roadmaps provide the central government estimates of anticipated sectoral development and support policy preparation. These may include greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, as well as timetables for deployment of new technologies. The estimates will be used in preparing the ministries’ various strategies and policies. 

In accordance with the previous government’s Government Programme, sectoral low-carbon roadmaps were drawn up in cooperation with companies and organisations in the relevant sectors. In all, 13 sectors prepared low-carbon roadmaps coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The roadmaps were completed in summer 2020. The preparation was based on the principle that each sector knows their own sector best. The sectors were therefore responsible for the preparation and implementation of their roadmaps themselves. 

A summary of the 2020 low-carbon roadmaps was also published.

Updating the roadmaps

According to the Government Programme of Prime Minister Orpo, the low-carbon roadmaps will be updated. The objective of the sectoral roadmap update is to maintain a situation picture and assessment of measures that are sufficient to meet Finland’s emissions reduction targets and obligations. With the help of roadmaps, sectors have an opportunity to present their views on the challenges and progress in their sector in light of the changes of recent years. Roadmaps will be used especially in the preparation of the energy and climate strategy and the industrial policy strategy.

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Contact information

Juhani Tirkkonen, Senior Ministerial Adviser (roadmap work package, roadmaps as part of climate and energy policy preparation), juhani.tirkkonen(a)gov.fi
Saana Takamäki, Senior Specialist (coordination of roadmap work), saana.takamaki(a)gov.fi
Antti Valle, Senior Ministerial Adviser (innovations and enterprise financing, roadmaps as part of industrial policy strategy preparation), antti.valle(a)gov.fi
Mauri Vieru, Communications Specialist (Communications), mauri.vieru(a)gov.fi