Improving industrial peace in the labour market

Improving industrial peace is one of the Government’s labour market reforms. Finland must be a reliable and secure country for investments.

A tripartite working group addressed issues related to industrial peace from 3 July to 15 October 2023. The working group’s task was to draw up a report in the form of a government proposal. The group was not unanimous in its work.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will circulate the working group’s report for comments from 23 October to 4 December 2023. After the consultation round, preparatory work by public officials will continue. The Government aims to submit its proposal on industrial peace to Parliament on 1 February 2024.

What are the next steps of the reform? (Plan) Appointment of working group 3 July 2023. Consultation round 23 October–4 December 2023. Further preparations. Government proposal to Parliament 1 February 2024. Entry into force 1 July 2024.


Nico Steiner, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, [email protected]