Developing the conciliation system

In its programme, the Government outlined that the Finnish labour market negotiation system needs to be developed. The Government aims to strengthen the export-driven labour market model in order to boost Finland’s long-term competitiveness.

According to the entry in the Government Programme, provisions would be laid down in the Act on Mediation in Labour Disputes so that the general level of pay adjustments could not be exceeded by a settlement proposal issued by the National Conciliator’s Office or a conciliation board.

In addition, the Government will explore ways to prevent industrial action and promote voluntary mediation.

Nico Steiner, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, [email protected]

The image describes the progress of the preparations: Seminar 8 November 2023. Consultation round 8 November 2023–9 January 2024. Event by Minister of Employment 16 January 2024. Working group work February–May 2024. Consultation round 4 June −30 July 2024. Government proposal September 2024. Entry into force December 2024–January 2025.

Questions and answers on the development of the conciliation system

The information presented on this page is based on the report of the tripartite working group, on which the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment organises a consultation round between 4 June and 30 July 2024.