Development of working life is a joint process

Developing working life means inputs into the ways of working and into new or improved products and services. Efforts to reform activities are successful when they are well-managed and part of everyday work. Successful workplaces create innovations, growth and new jobs.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment follows changes in working life and disseminates information. Finnish working life has a number of strengths, including

  • high skill levels and participation
  • on-the-job learning and training opportunities
  • work life balance
  • cooperation and networking, equality and low hierarchies.

Research data is used in working life development

The Ministry is developing working life in cooperation with labour market organisations, expert organisations and research institutes. In the work, research information is applied at workplaces on the basis of their own needs. Workplaces can seek public funding for their own development activities

  • European Structural Funds and
  • business development services of ELY Centres and
  • from Business Finland's research and development programmes.

The purpose of the Working Life 2020 project is to promote innovation and productivity, skills and competencies, health and wellbeing as well as trust and cooperation at workplaces. The project has created networks between working life developers that are capable of responding to various development needs at workplaces.

The services intended for enterprises are presented on website.

Further information:

Antti Närhinen, antti.narhinen(at)
Tiina Hanhike, tiina.hanhike(at)
Päivi Järviniemi, paivi.jarviniemi(at)