Developing scenarios for EU reports

Every two years, Finland has to report to the EU its policy measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and scenarios on the future development of its emissions and energy balance. The latest data were reported in 2015.

The scenarios reported to the EU are based on the scenarios used in the 2013 energy and climate strategy. However, due to EU requirements, the time span was extended to 2035 and certain data were updated. Two scenarios were reported to the EU: the “With Existing Measures” scenario includes the policy measures already implemented and the “With Additional Measures” scenario also takes into account additional, planned policy measures.

In 2015, Finland submitted to the EU for the first time a description of its national reporting system. The description explains in detail the division of reporting duties, the preparation of scenarios, impact assessments concerning emission reduction measures, and procedures for ensuring consistency, comprehensiveness and quality.

The description of the national system shows, in particular, that the scenarios reported to the EU are prepared in extensive collaboration among different ministries and expert organisations. Moreover, it demonstrates that scenarios are developed in a detailed manner, based on statistics and models created by experts. The same principles apply to the preparation of scenarios for national energy and climate strategies.