Working life

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will create conditions for sustainable growth. Sustainable growth is created by skilled miracles in high quality jobs and successful companies, productivity and growing labour responsibility. Well-functioning regulation, services and financing of the labour market and businesses will ensure that the work and the perpetrators meet.

  • Labour legislation »

    Labour legislation is drafted on a tripartite basis, in collaboration with the organisations representing the interests of employers and employees.

  • Working life development »

    Developing working life means inputs into activities, products and services.

  • Employment »

    Employment has a central role in economic growth, people’s well-being and the sustainability of the public economy. TE Services help to boost employment and growth.

  • Support and compensations »

    The Employment and Economic Development Office can grant various subsidies for promoting employment and starting a business.

  • Employment bulletin and employment service statistics »

    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment compiles statistics on the clients of the Employment and economic development offices.

  • Skilled labour force »

    Finland requires a skilled labour force for its wellbeing, competitiveness and success. Any competence can be valuable regardless of where it has been acquired: in studies, work or leisure time.