Energy technologies

Climate change mitigation creates enormous global markets for clean solutions. Improving air quality and ensuring energy security will also create markets for energy technologies.

The Finnish versatile energy system enables the development and commercialization of energy technologies based on clean solutions.

The development and internationalization of new energy technologies bring significant opportunities for Finnish companies and growth prospects throughout Finland.

Finland has globally leading expertise in several areas of energy technologies. Biofuels, bioenergy and energy-efficient heating solutions are the traditional strengths of Finland. Strong knowhow of intelligent energy distribution and demand-side solutions is an increasingly important advantage in the digitalized world. Finland also has strong expertise in various energy production technologies.

Business opportunities for Finnish energy technology companies are promoted through research and development funding, export promotion and joint marketing. Finland is also an active member of various technology development forums, such as CEM, MIIEA TCP platforms and SET Plan. Energy aid promotes the demonstration of innovative technologies in Finland.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

  • The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment  represents Finland in international fora related to the development of energy technologies.
  • The Ministry coordinates several tasks related to the internationalization of energy technologies.
  • The Ministry grants energy aid for investments, of which a growing part is directed to innovative demonstration projects.

Business Finland

  • Business Finland can provide funding for the development of new energy technology.
  • Business Finland promotes commercialization of energy technologies in Finland and around the world.

Other ministries and stakeholders

  • Energy technology policies are prepared in cooperation with various ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • The promotion of energy technologies is based on cooperation with various stakeholders, especially companies and research institutes.

Further information: Pia Kotro, Timo Ritonummi ([email protected])