Measures of the Orpo Government concerning work-based immigration

Finland’s success and international competitiveness are based on high levels of skills and competence. However, the Finnish labour market suffers from a shortage of skilled workers. While employment must be provided to unemployed jobseekers already in Finland, the country also needs work-based immigration. 

Measures to develop work-based immigration will continue to be taken during this government term too. The plan is to supplement the labour force primarily from EU/EEA countries, while also promoting international recruitment from third countries. Below you can find information on the Government’s measures and their progress.

Schedule and objectives for work-based immigration measures

This table presents the Government’s key projects on work-based immigration, their schedule and objectives.

Measure Schedule Objective
Talent Boost 2023–2027 Programme completed in November 2023, implementation through the government term Promote availability of experts, invest in country branding, streamline residence permit process, improve Finland’s ability to retain foreign workforce.
Action plan for combating and preventing work-related exploitation Programme completed in February 2024, monitoring throughout the government term Enhance prevention of and combat against labour exploitation.
Report on factors affecting Finland’s ability to retain workforce and their promotion Reported and promoted during the governmental term Examine factors affecting the ability to retain workforce and promote them in broad-based stakeholder cooperation.
Target country model for international partnerships To be completed in early 2024 Government measures in the countries of origin will be compiled into a model supporting ethical and smooth recruitment.
Income limit for residence permit for an employed person Government proposal in spring 2024, entry into force in 2024 Ensure that people arriving in Finland receive a pay they can live on, increase transparency by laying down income limits by decree.
Report on the effect of income limits on labour availability To be completed in spring 2024 Examine the appropriate level and effects of income limits of work-based permits on labour availability.
Three-month unemployment rule Government proposal in spring 2024, entry into force in 2025 Tie work-based residence permits more closely to work, expand the right to work to other labour shortage sectors.
Building a service system for international recruitment Full entry into force in 2025, government services already available Government and municipalities will promote international recruitment together when employment services are reformed in 2025. The Work in Finland service of Business Finland and the KEHA Centre already supports international recruitment at the national level.

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