MEAE has supreme command and control of nuclear energy matters

In accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act, the ministry prepares licence decisions for the construction and use of nuclear facilities in Finland. The ministry also oversees that the Nuclear Energy Act is up to date and prepares proposals for the government to improve legislation. 

Nuclear waste management is an essential part of the command and control of the use of nuclear energy. The ministry steers and monitors the planning and implementation of nuclear waste management as well as ensuring that the national needs and international regulations are met. The National Nuclear Waste Management Fund operates in connection with the ministry. This separate fund is prepared for in the ministry.

The ministry represents Finland in international organisations in the nuclear energy sector and participates in negotiations on international agreements in the field. The ministry also controls and monitors the implementation of the international agreements.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) is responsible for supervising radiation and nuclear safety in Finland. STUK operates under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The regulations and guidelines for the use of nuclear energy issued by STUK are part of the overall nuclear energy legislation. 

Many other central government organisations and regional authorities as well as the municipalities where nuclear facilities are located also participate in the supervision and decision-making concerning nuclear power plants.

Further information: juho.korteniemi(at), jaakko.louvanto(at)