Start-up grant – support for new entrepreneurs

Start-up grants are intended for new entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting new business and employment. The start-up grant should ensure the income of a new entrepreneur during the estimated time required to get the business up and running, up to a maximum of 12 months. Start-up grants are awarded by the Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices).

The eligibility criteria for a start-up grant include:

  • being a full-time entrepreneur
  • having adequate skills for the intended business
  • the grant is necessary for the entrepreneur’s subsistence
  • the business activity has the potential for continuous profitable activity

The competitive situation of companies in the relevant sector and the need for new enterprising in the area are also taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to award the grant.

The amount of the start-up grant is at least equal to the basic unemployment allowance, and it is paid for a maximum of five days per week. In 2023, the start-up grant is €37.21 per day and around €740 per month. The start-up grant is counted as the entrepreneur’s personal, taxable income. It is paid every month retroactively against an application for payment submitted by the entrepreneur.

More information on services for new entrepreneurs and on start-up grant applications:

Inquiries: Tiina Oinonen, tiina.oinonen(at)