Olkiluoto power plant

olkiluoto power plant The third unit is in the implementation phase. The pressurised water type Olkiluoto 3 power plant unit will have a gross output of approximately 1,600 MW.  The plant unit was granted an operating licence in 2019. The licence is valid until the end of 2038.

The planned life of the plant unit is 60 years, but the future manner and experience of use as well as the maintenance work on the plant will affect its future technical and safe life span.

The area also includes temporary storage for spent fuel as well as a final disposal facility for low and intermediate level waste, which has been operational for over 20 years. Posiva Oy is constructing a final disposal facility for spent fuel, which will be close to the power plant area as a separate facility area.

Olkiluoto nuclear power plant is owned by Teollisuuden Voima Oyj.

Further information: jaakko.louvanto(at)gov.fi