The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment encourages companies to renew and pursue sustainable growth and productivity. Innovation is the most important factor in productivity growth. Legislation, funding and services enable companies to innovate and grow in the world.


  • Industrial policy »

    The aim of the industrial policy is to achieve sustainable economic growth. Economic growth helps to maintain high levels of employment and boosts job creation.

  • Innovation policy »

    Innovation plays an important role as an engine for renewal and productivity. The aim of the innovation policy is to ensure that Finland can provide an operating environment encouraging enterprises to bold innovation, renewal and international growth.

  • Focus areas »

    Strategically significant growth sectors include the health care sector and the travel industry. New growth is also sought from business opportunities in the Arctic region.

  • Regulation of business operations »

    This section focuses on common preconditions related to running a business, such as business freedom, the trade register, as well as systems in place to protect corporate financial reporting, regulation and industrial property.

  • Internationalisation of enterprises »

    The goal of promoting the internationalisation of enterprises is strengthening sustainable economic growth to create new jobs and to increase enterprises’ turnover and export.

  • Single Market of the EU »

    The single market of the EU is based on the four freedoms laid down in the EU Treaties: free movement of goods, services, capital and persons.

  • Social responsibility »

    Social responsibility means that social impacts are taken into consideration in enterprise and public sector activities.

  • Business services »

    Public business services include information providing, advisory, training, consultation, funding, networking and operating environment development services which are aimed at businesses.

  • MEAE Business Sector Services »

    MEAE Business Sector Services were expert services provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland that collated, analysed and communicated information about the business environment to help companies and operators make decisions. The Business Sector Services were discontinued in spring 2024 in its current form.