Finland's Strategy for the Arctic region

Finland’s new Strategy for the Arctic Region, which was completed in 2021, sets out the objectives for Finland’s Arctic policy and activities until 2030. Competence in both business and research is one of the strategy’s four priorities. The Prime Minister’s Office guided the intersectoral preparation of the strategy. 

The strategy emphasises the importance of diversifying the Arctic economy and increasing the value added of products and services. Activity that complies with sustainable development is a cross-cutting principle concerning business in the Arctic region. This supports the development of a favourable market for innovation and lays the foundation for the region’s long-term economic development. A market favourable to new solutions attracts innovative companies and creates an interesting market for Finnish companies with high-level expertise. 

Finland possesses a great deal of competence in the cold sector and long practical experience in operating in Arctic conditions. The maritime industry, tourism, circular economy and bioeconomy, health technology, construction, sustainable mining, environmental and energy technologies, fishing industry and the traditional livelihoods of the Sámi have strong links with economic activities in the Arctic region.  

Determined efforts should be made to draw attention to this expertise and to support a better match between supply and demand in Arctic solutions. By participating in Arctic networks and ecosystems, Finland can create a vision for new needs and demand, increase the understanding of the value chains in different sectors, highlight the Finnish expertise and offer new solutions. Understanding the Arctic conditions and context is the starting point for developing workable solutions. 

Finland's Strategy for the Arctic Region (in Finnish)

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