Competition and consumers

Fair competition creates better quality services and products as well as more productive companies. The Ministry of Economic Affaris and Employment aims to strengthen trust in a functioning market and smart regulation.

When promoting the functioning of the market, care must be taken to ensure that companies comply with rules that are socially important. The same must be done to ensure that the interests of consumers are taken into account.


  • Competition »

    The aim of competition policy is to create and maintain an environment in which enterprises have a level playing field and an opportunity to succeed through their expertise.

  • Public procurement »

    Public contracts are supply, service or public works contracts, into which the state, municipalities and joint municipal authorities, unincorporated state enterprises and other contracting authorities, as defined in procurement legislation, enter with external suppliers.

  • EU rules on state aid »

    The EU State aid rules define the kinds of public aid for economic activity that are allowed and the procedures to be followed when granting aid.

  • Consumers »

    When the functioning of the markets is promoted, it must be ensured that enterprises observe the rules of conduct of social importance and that consumers’ interests are taken into account.