A proper functioning of the markets is essential for the promotion of Finnish competitiveness. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is tasked with creating good conditions for access to goods and services, as well as for entrepreneurial activities.

When the functioning of the markets is promoted, it must be ensured that enterprises observe the rules of conduct of social importance and that consumers’ interests are taken into account.

Free competition shall be promoted and unfair competition combated for the benefit of consumers and productivity. The safety and security of citizens or their economic standing must not be endangered.

Administration of consumer affairs

The administration of consumer affairs  falls within the administrative domain of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The Ministry is tasked with preparing Finland's opinions on EU decision-making and seeing to the development of legislation that applies to consumers together with the Ministry of Justice.

The Competition and Consumer Authority, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is tasked with the implementation of competition and consumer policy, ensuring the smooth functioning of the market, enforcing the Competition Act and EU competition rules, and securing the economic and legal rights of consumers. The authority also deals with the supervisory tasks of the Consumer Ombudsman.

The Consumer Disputes Board issues recommendations concerning consumer disputes involving the quality of goods and services and the performance of a trader. The Consumer Disputes Board falls within the administrative sector of Ministry of Justice.

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