Supervision of space activities

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supervises the space activities it has authorised. The means of supervision are the operator’s obligation to provide information, annual reporting, and the Ministry’s right of inspection. The Ministry may also request other information necessary for supervision.

Obligation to provide information

The operator must, without delay, inform the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of any changes relating to the space activities. The Ministry must be informed if: 

  1. the date or place of launching the space object, the launch vehicle or the launching company changes;
  2. the launch of the space object fails;
  3. the space object, while in orbit, is no longer functional or the contact with the space object is otherwise permanently lost;
  4. the purpose of the space activity changes;
  5. the operator’s technical expertise or competence to carry on space activities changes or weakens essentially;
  6. the operator’s financial capacity to carry on space activities changes or weakens essentially;
  7. a radio licence granted by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority is amended or withdrawn;
  8. there is a change of ownership of the space object;
  9. the operator plans to discontinue the space activities.

Annual report

Operators must provide the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment with an annual report of their space activities. The report must describe the activities in general and any changes and incidents relating to the activities. The report should, in particular, describe the functionality of the space object(s), any warnings and risks of collision, any environmental impacts and the plans concerning continuing, altering or discontinuing the tasks of the space object(s).

Right of inspection

Supervision may also require inspections of an operator’s physical premises, equipment or activities where these are relevant to the space activities. These may take place in situations where the operator has not provided the required information about its space activities or where there is a risk of personal injury or material damage. The Ministry may authorise an independent expert to conduct inspections.

The right of inspection covers the premises and areas possessed or used by the operator for space activities and the documents and information necessary for the supervisory task. The space object itself may also be inspected.

Further information:

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