Study leave

All employees in contractual and public-service employment relationship are entitled to study leave when the full-time employment relationship with the same employer has lasted for at least one year in one or more periods.

The maximum length of study leave in the same employer’s service is two years over a period of five years. If the employment has lasted for less than a year but at least three months, the maximum length of study leave is five days.

The studies must be subject to public supervision and take place in Finland or abroad or they must be provided by a trade union. The employee may use the study leave in one or more periods and it can be interrupted on certain conditions.

The study leave is unpaid unless otherwise agreed with the employer. As a rule, an employee on study leave does not accumulate benefits that would otherwise be part of the employment relationship. However, the employee accumulates days of annual holiday for a maximum of 30 days of study leave.

Compliance with the act is jointly supervised by education, employment and occupational safety and health authorities, as laid down in a decree.

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Law-drafting: Seija Jalkanen, seija.jalkanen(at)