Domestic tourism in Finland

The importance of the tourism industry to the Finnish economy has grown. Domestic tourism generates about 55% of Finland's tourism demand and plays a significant role in terms of both the volume of tourism and year-round activity. At present, Finns make almost as many leisure trips to Finland and abroad, including overnight stays in paid accommodation, although the growth is stronger abroad.

Domestic tourism improves the year-round supply of tourism services and acts as a balancing market in situations where, for example the international political situation changes also affecting the demand from the international market. The development and marketing of domestic tourism as a whole requires more attention than before. 

Exploring Domestic Tourism in the Nordics 2023

The role of domestic tourism increased during the covid-19 pandemic in all Nordic countries due to heavy restrictions on international arrivals. A study "Exploring Domestic Tourism in the Nordics" was conducted during 2022-2023 in the Nordic countries and autonomous regions to recognise the size and potential of domestic tourism, and to identify best practices in developing domestic tourism with future potential for the Nordic countries. All Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland,Norway, Sweden and autonomous regions, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland, were studied. The study was conducted by Innolink, together with Oxford Research and Icelandic Tourism Research Center. It was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland.

The final report is published on Nordic Co-operation site: 

Press release 13.6.2023: 

Here, you can read about the main findings and background of the study, published in a webinar held on April 19, 2023:

Domestic tourism development workshops 

In the fall of 2021, the Ministry commissioned a series of domestic tourism development workshops, the aim of which was to support domestic tourism operators and companies in the development of new products and services for domestic tourists. In the workshops, companies' products and services were conceptualized and refined based on the identified development needs of domestic tourism and the results of the focus group survey, and companies' skills were developed based on key development needs. The aim of the workshop series was also to improve cooperation in domestic tourism and to continue the discussion on the need for national coordination of domestic tourism.

A summary report was produced on the key results of the development workshops, the feedback of the survey aimed at the participants of the workshops, and the further development needs. The implementation of the domestic tourism development workshops was carried out by HMMH Consulting Oy.

More information: Domestic tourism development workshops 2021 – Summary report on key results (abstract in English)

Target group analysis on domestic tourism 

In 2020, the Ministry commissioned a study examining the current state and potential of domestic tourism and the target groups of domestic tourists. The analysis was based on a survey , expert interviews as well as tourism statistics and surveys. Based on the survey, five different types of domestic travellers with different needs and expectations were indentified: urban tourists, those interested in cottages and visiting friends and relatives, active travellers, pleasure seekers, and those interested in culture and nature. The study also contains development proposals that meet the needs of the identified domestic tourism target groups. The study was carried out by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. 

More information: The current state and potential of domestic tourism – Report on target groups and development measures (abstract in English)

Report on domestic tourism development needs

In spring of 2019, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy commissioned a study on the key development needs of domestic tourism. According to the study, there is potential for growth in domestic tourism, but tourism actors need closer cooperation, a stronger domestic tourism brand and national coordination to promote domestic tourism. The study examined the development needs of domestic tourism, the measures required by them, as well as the responsible parties and the need for resources. The analysis is based on a survey of the tourism industry and interviews with tourism experts as well as tourism statistics. The survey was carried out by WSP Finland Oy.

More information: Report on domestic tourism development needs (abstract in English)

Financial support for domestic tourism

The Ministry supports the development and promotion of domestic tourism also through various grants. The Ministry has supported the “100 Reasons” to Travel in Finland campaign coordinated by the Finnish Association of Tourism Organizations Suoma ry in 2018-2022 with state grants. In 2022, the Ministry supported the implementation of the campaign with a state grant of 35,000 euros.

The aim of the "100 Reasons" campaign is to inspire Finns to travel in Finland and extend the domestic tourism season later to the autumn. The campaign is coordinated by Suoma ry and funded by tourism organizations, tourism companies, tourism destinations and national tourism operators. 

In 2020, the Finnish Government allocated additional EUR 0.5 million to the "100 Reasons" campaign to support domestic tourism as part of the recovery measures implemented due to the corona crisis.  The aim was to help tourism companies recover from the crisis and increase domestic tourism in Finland by actively promoting the domestic tourism offering. Another objective was to extend the domestic tourism season as far as possible until autumn.

More information: Sanna Kyyrä, sanna.kyyra(at)