Updating the low-carbon roadmaps 2024

The Government Programme states that the low-carbon roadmaps drawn up during the previous Government will be updated. With the help of the roadmaps, sectors have an opportunity to present their views on the challenges and progress in their sector in light of the changes of recent years.

The objective of the sectoral roadmap update is to maintain a situation picture and assessment of measures that are sufficient to meet Finland’s emissions reduction targets and obligations. The need to update the roadmaps is largely driven by the changed operating and investment environment, caused by the energy crisis, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, uncertain economic prospects and problems in the procurement of raw materials and components. At the same time, technological progress has changed the assessment of whether different emission reduction measures are suitable for achieving the targets.

The desired content of the roadmaps is divided into main and supplementary content. The main content reflects the core task of the roadmap, i.e. a vision of how the sector will be able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions within the set timetable. Those drafting the roadmaps are encouraged to create main content that is commensurate and concrete. The supplementary content provides background and support for the main content. It can describe issues that are broader than sectoral emission reductions, for example cross-sectoral opportunities for new business.

Roadmaps must be as ambitious as possible but realistic at the same time. It is important that the roadmaps are realistic so that the sectoral operators are dedicated to them and that the results can be utilised by the central government. The updating of the low-carbon roadmaps is voluntary. 

Timetable and action plan

The work on updating the roadmaps has begun, with the expected completion in summer 2024.

More information on updating the roadmaps and their desired content is available at Gateway to Information on Government Projects (in Finnish).


University trainee Adele Silver, [email protected]