Use of nuclear energy must be safe

The use of nuclear energy must not cause injury to people or damage to the environment or property. This basic priority of the use of nuclear energy is laid down in the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987) and it applies to all use of nuclear energy in Finland.

Electricity generation in nuclear power plants is based on the disintegration of uranium material (fission) in a nuclear reactor. The fission effectively generates heat and heats the water inside the reactor. The heat energy from the water is recovered in a separate turbine installation that changes it into electricity.

The fission in the fuel is a self-supporting chain reaction. The most important task in nuclear safety supervision is to ensure that this chain reaction is kept under control under all circumstances and to prevent any harmful effects of the radiation of the radioactive substances arising from this chain reaction. Safety must also be ensured at the various stages of the handling, transport and use of the nuclear fuel and in nuclear waste management.

The most important principles in nuclear safety are safety, security and safeguards. 

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