Multiannual plan for research and development funding

In line with the Government Programme, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment prepared a multiannual plan on the use of research and development funding and on other aspects of RDI policy. The Government approved the plan in June 2024.

The plan presents the current state of the research, development and innovation system, the objectives of the system, and the main policies for funding research and development. Prime Minister Petteri Orpo will submit a Prime Minister's announcement on the plan to Parliament in autumn 2024.

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The plan was prepared by a working group, with significant contributions from research and business communities. It was circulated for comments.

The preparatory work drew on the Act on the Central Government Funding of Research and Development, the entries on RDI in the Programme of Prime Minister Orpo's Government, and the decisions of the parliamentary RDI working group. The allocation of R&D funding made in the 2024 budget proposal and in the General Government Fiscal Plan for 2025-2028 were also taken into account.


Chief Specialist Harri Länsipuro, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. 0295 047 305, [email protected]
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