Decisions-in-Principle on Posiva Oy’s facility

In 2000, the Government made a Decision-in-Principle on the construction of a final disposal facility that would have the capacity to process and dispose of the spent nuclear fuel generated by the Olkiluoto 1, Olkiluoto 2, Loviisa 1 and Loviisa 2 nuclear power plant units.

In 2002, the Government adopted a Decision-in-Principle on the construction of an extended final disposal facility that could also process and dispose of the spent nuclear fuel from the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant unit.

The Parliament has ratified these Decisions-in-Principle.

According to the Nuclear Energy Act, a Decision-in-Principle may be made only if the municipality where the facility is intended to be located is in favour of the facility and if the project can be carried out safely. These main prerequisites have been met, as the municipality of Eurajoki supports the project and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) is of the view that the facility can be constructed and the final disposal carried out in accordance with safety requirements.

A Decision-in-Principle is not a final decision on the construction of the facility, as this still requires a construction licence granted by the Government. The licence must be applied for while the Decision-in-Principle is valid.

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