Environmental impact assessments

Fennovoima's EIA procedure took place 2008-2009. The programme phase started in January 2008. The report phase started in October 2008. The EIA procedure was concluded in February 2009.

After changes in its owners, Fennovoima changed the power plant type on the application. The procedure of EIA concerning a new NPP option took place 2013-2014. The programme phase started in September 2013. The report phase started in February 2014. The EIA procedure was concluded in June 2014.

Fennovoima Oy has submitted an EIA programme on Fennovoima’s own spent nuclear fuel disposal facility. The programme phase started in June 2016. The EIA programme presented two alternative locations for the final disposal facility, Eurajoki and Pyhäjoki.

Further information: juho.korteniemi(at)gov.fi, jaakko.louvanto(at)gov.fi