Promotion of creative economy

From the perspective of business activities and the development of networks, business that produces new value creation and stems from creative expertise and creative industries can be divided into three groups: creative content, creative services and creative products and culture. The division is based on the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Creative Economy Network model, which in Finland has been used in different contexts since 2012.


Creative content Creative services Creative products and culture
  • Digital distribution, platforms
  • Business scalability
  • International business
  • Cross-sectoral business
  • From microsized enterprises to large companies
  • Local and regional companies, attractiveness of regions, tourism
Online publishing, radio, television, literature, magazines, music, audiovisual sector, gaming industry Design, architecture, clothing design, advertising, (marketing) communications Festivals, events, performing arts, galleries, museums, visual arts, arts and crafts etc. 



Petra Tarjanne


•    Courage Vision Growth Intangible production generates renewal PDF 50MB
•    Intangible value – a new economic success factor PDF 6.5 MB