Integration services help immigrants integrate into Finnish society

Promotion of integration refers to a wide range of measures and services provided by the authorities and other parties to promote and support integration. These measures and services will be organised especially as part of municipal basic services, employment and economic development administration services and healthcare and social welfare services in the wellbeing services county.

Initial assessment and information about Finland

The initial assessment serves as the preliminary assessment of the need for measures and services promoting the integration and employment prospects of an immigrant. The initial assessment is started by the municipality or the Employment and Economic Development Office. A municipality or an Employment and Economic Development Office may request the wellbeing services county to participate in the preparation of the initial assessment if the immigrant's need for services requires the coordination of services provided by different authorities.

Immediately after their arrival, immigrants are provided with the basic facts about Finland and information on how to receive advice and other support for integration and employment. The parents of immigrant families are provided with information and counselling on services directed to families in particular, as well as on legislation and practices concerning families in Finland.

Integration training includes language teaching and vocational planning

In integration training, adult immigrants are taught

  • Finnish or Swedish,
  • where necessary, reading and writing skills,
  • other social, cultural and life-management skills and
  • skills facilitating access to working life and further training.

Integration training may also include the identification of previously acquired skills and the recognition of degrees, as well as vocational planning and career guidance. If necessary, immigrants are also taught reading and writing skills. Integration training is largely implemented as labour market training.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for reading and writing training for adult immigrants and for basic education for adults.

Public employment and business services promote immigrants’ employment prospects

Immigrants are provided with motivation and guidance so that they can take part in vocational labour market training and pursue self-motivated studies. Immigrants are also encouraged to engage in entrepreneurship and use regional business services.

Immigrants in need of special measures can be provided with support. Likewise, unaccompanied minors who have received a residence permit can receive support services in accordance with the Integration Act.