Finland is built on vibrant regions with their own strengths. Changes in the population, cause of work and entrepreneurial activity require regions and cities to be able to renew continuously. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supports the reform by taking into account the strengths and conditions of the regions.

  • Objectives and planning of regional development »

    The Government confirms the national regional development priorities for the government term. This decision on regional development targets steers the development work carried out by different administrative sectors and Regional Councils.

  • Urban development »

    Cities are the growth engines of the national economy. At the same time, cities are also an integral part of regional development and they interact with the larger economic areas surrounding them.

  • Structural change »

    Structural change is normal part of regional economic development and business renewal.

  • EU’s regional and structural policy »

    The European Union's regional and structural policy aims to increase the Member States' economic and social cohesion as well as to reduce interregional development disparities.

  • ELY Centres »

    There are 15 Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Finland. Together with the six Regional State Administrative Agencies they function as the country’s regional state administrative authorities.