Growth ecosystems as a tool in the new industrial and innovation policy

Competition in the global economy has increasingly become a battle between various networks or ecosystems. Companies can often no longer be competitive just using their own know-how. Instead, and in addition to their own competitive advantages, they need the benefits offered by strong partners. Such partners may include other companies and public sector or civil society organisations. Various business incubators, business accelerators and organisations specialising in promoting the use of various technologies may have an important role as platforms for testing, developing and distributing new ideas.

Promoting ecosystem level business operations is a new challenge for the Finnish public sector. The public sector does not select the winning ecosystems or companies, but instead seeks to identify in close cooperation with corporate operators promising growth ecosystems of the future.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture are implementing a government key project involving ecosystems. In addition, several new policy measures are pending aiming to support growth arising through cooperation and networks.

International examples and research data support ecosystem-friendly policies

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and the Finnish Innovation Fund organised in autumn 2016 an international workshop to compile international research data on developing these ecosystems. To read the seminar articles please go to ‘Files’ at the bottom of the page. 

Further information: Pirjo Kutinlahti