International expertise and labour

international team According to a number of reports, the availability of talent is one of the biggest obstacles to growth and internationalisation in companies and other organisations. 
Finnish companies need skilled employees, particularly employees with special skills not currently available in Finland. The immigration of skilled labour into Finland will help to put Finnish business and innovation on a stronger and more international footing, and will attract international investment to Finland. This in turn will create new jobs.

When promoting the measures on labour migration, preventing the exploitation of foreign labour must be considered. Developing labour immigration policy in a sustainable way requires ensuring that foreign workers do not fall victim to exploitation.

Greater diversity and non-discrimination in society and working life will make Finland more attractive to international talent and investors, while also making a decisive contribution to improving the employment rates among immigrants already living in Finland. Having a more international working environment will encourage international graduates and researchers to settle in Finland, and prevent the so-called brain drain.

Immigration of international experts and labour is being developed through the national Talent Boost programme, coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment does not make individual decisions related to entry into Finland or international recruitment. More information on work-based and study-based residence permits, as well as how to apply for them, can be found on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service, and more information on international recruitment on the Work in Finland website.