Integration policy promotes social inclusion of immigrants

Integration policy promotes the employment of immigrants and helps them to become members of Finnish society and supports integration as a two-way process. Integration policy promotes the inclusion of immigrants in all areas of Finnish society.

The priority areas of integration policy are

  • support for immigrant families,
  • support for employment of adult immigrants,
  • support for immigrants in their efforts to become municipal residents,
  • smooth and well-managed entry of beneficiaries of international protection into municipalities,
  • smooth cooperation between central and local government and
  • involvement of civil society in the integration process.

Successful integration policy is a joint effort

A successful integration policy requires the commitment of all administrative branches to equality, non-discrimination and the prevention of racism, as well as the promotion of positive attitudes.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the preparation of issues related to integration in Finland. Minister of Employment is the minister responsible for integration matters.

Further information
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