Nuclear Waste Management Fund ensures funding for waste management

The purpose of the State Nuclear Waste Management Fund is to collect, store and reliably invest the funds that are going to be needed to take care of nuclear waste in the future. Through the fund, the society has a financial guarantee that nuclear waste management can be arranged under all circumstances.

The capital of the fund is composed of annual payments made by operators under a waste management obligation and the returns of the fund. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) determines the annual fee to be paid to the fund each year, ensuring that the fund always has enough assets to cover the costs of all nuclear waste management measures that still have to be carried out.

The fund is not included in the state budget, and it operates under the MEAE. The fund was established in 1988 under the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987). The fund is managed by its board and a director. The board makes all key operative decisions.

The board is chaired by Professor Eva Liljeblom (Hanken School of Economics). The members of the board are Director General of the Budget Department Sami Yläoutinen (Ministry of Finance), Director of Human Resources and Administration Heidi Nummela (MEAE) and Deputy Director Anu Sammallahti (State Treasury). The director of the fund is Chief Counsellor Jaana Avolahti (MEAE).

Further information: jaana.avolahti(at)