Labour migration services

International employment services at Employment and Economic Development Offices

International employment services at Employment and Economic Development Offices help employers in the recruitment of workforce from other countries. The experts of the TE Offices advise on matters related to the recruitment of employees in both European and non-European countries.

International recruitment service Eures - European Employment Services

Employers are offered by EURES service assistance with recruitments from Europe. EURES experts trained and specialised in European employment services help with recruitment processes in all EU and EEA countries. Recruitment from Europe is planned and carried out together with the employer, and the employer is assisted at different stages of the recruitment process. 

For job seekers the EURES service will provide information on jobs in the EU/EEA countries and on matters related to housing and living in those countries, in particular via electronic services. 

Work permit services at TE Offices

Recruitment of non-specialist employees from outside the EU and the EEA usually requires an employed person’s residence permit. An employee's permit of residence is issued in two steps. The TE Office makes a partial decision on the employee's residence permit application and the Finnish Immigration Service makes a final decision. Before the permit decision, work permit services at TE Offices issue a partial decision in which it is determined whether:

  • there are employees available for the vacant task in the labour market,
  • the employment terms are in accordance with the law and collective agreements,
  • the employees’ means of support are secured during their stay in Finland, and
  • the employer has the willingness and capability to manage its obligations as an employer.

Residence permit for a person employed as a special expert

Persons with special expertise recruited from outside the EU and the EEA can be granted a special residence permit for gainful employment. Granting the permit usually requires that the applicants have a university degree and the required special skills and that their pay levels correspond to their expertise. Residence permits are issued by the Finnish Immigration Service. TE services do not participate in permit consideration.

Work under the visa and visa waiver

The Aliens Act lists the tasks that visa holders may perform for a maximum of three months. Persons that can enter Finland without a visa may perform these tasks without a visa. Gathering of natural products permitted under Everyman’s Rights is also possible under a visa or visa waiver.

Seasonal work

Seasonal work in agriculture and tourism requires a seasonal work permit in accordance with the Seasonal Labour Act, either a seasonal work permit, a seasonal work visa or a seasonal work certificate. These permits are granted by the Finnish Immigration Service.

Residence permit for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons

Residence permit for a self-employed person means a residence permit issued to an alien for pursuing a trade following a two-step procedure where the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment first makes a partial decision on the matter before the final decision by the Finnish Immigration Service. In connection with the partial decision, the conditions for the profitability of business operations and the sufficient means of subsistence are assessed. After a partial decision of the Employment and Economic Development Office or the Centre for Economic Development, the Finnish Immigration Service makes a final decision in the matter and issues the decision. Both the residence permit decision and the partial decision will be notified. 

Residence permit for a start-up entrepreneur

If you intend to come to Finland as a start-up entrepreneur, you can apply for a residence permit for a start-up entrepreneur. A residence permit is applied for from the Finnish Immigration Service, but before that the applicant must apply for an Eligibility Statement from Business Finland. A start-up entrepreneur cannot get a residence permit without a positive statement from Business Finland.

Further information about residence permits at the Finnish Immigration Service website:

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Jarmo Tiukkanen, Senior Officer

Talent Boost services for companies

In the Talent Boost programme various actors provide companies with services related to attracting, recruiting and setting up international experts. Talent Boost programme services for companies are listed at the Business Finland's website.