Doorstep selling

Doorstep selling and distance selling to consumers are covered by the Consumer Protection Act (Finnish Statute no 38/1978; Chapter 6) and a Decree by the Ministry of Justice on the model form for withdrawal  and guidelines for withdrawal from consumer contracts (110/2014).

The Consumer Ombudsman has approved guidelines for doorstep selling. For more information on consumer rights in doorstep selling, please see the Consumer Ombudsman's guidelines and form for cancellation of consumer contract on the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website.

Price indications

The law imposes on the trader an obligation to indicate the price of a product clearly and distinctly. The Regional State Administrative Agencies are responsible for monitoring compliance with law in this respect. For more information, please see the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website.

Further information

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website provides information, for instance, on marketing, price indications,  and statutory liability for lack of conformity and guarantee in the sale of consumer goods. These pages also contain guidelines for on-line retailers and the OECD guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce. If you have any questions concerning consumer contracts, please contact a municipal consumer adviser. If you have questions concerning product safety, please contact the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

Further information: sari.alho(at)