Nuclear energy is the foundation of electricity production in Finland

More than a quarter of the electricity consumed in Finland is produced with nuclear energy. Nuclear power plays a major role in the implementation of the Finnish Climate and Energy Strategy, as nuclear power plants produce virtually no greenhouse gas emissions.

The risks inherent in the use of nuclear energy require comprehensive and intensive supervision. Supervision aims to ensure that the use of nuclear power is safe, that nuclear waste is managed in an appropriate manner and that the use of nuclear energy does not lead to the development of nuclear weapons.

Supervision is based on nuclear energy legislation and its underlying principle of ensuring that the use of nuclear energy is safe and in line with the overall good of society.

Nuclear safety research guarantees the availability of Finnish expertise.

At present, there are four nuclear reactors in Finland. A fifth reactor unit is under construction, and a construction licence application for a sixth unit has been submitted to the Government.

Finland has begun the final disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste, and a construction licence for the disposal project of spent nuclear fuel has been granted.

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