A third of Finland’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants

A third (33% in 2021) of the electricity produced in Finland comes from nuclear energy. As for electricity consumption, more than a quarter (26% in 2021) is produced with Finnish nuclear energy. Nuclear energy plays a major role in the implementation of the Finnish Climate and Energy Strategy, as it is carbon-neutral production and its use improves the security of electricity supply.

The risks inherent in the use of nuclear energy require comprehensive and intensive regulation and supervision. The aim is to ensure that the use of nuclear power is safe for people and the environment, and that nuclear waste is managed and disposed of appropriately. International supervision also ensures the peaceful use of nuclear energy and prevents the possibility of manufacturing nuclear weapons.  Supervision is based on nuclear energy legislation and its underlying principle of ensuring that the use of nuclear energy is safe and in line with the overall good of society.

At present, there are four nuclear reactors in Finland: two in the nuclear power plant in Loviisa and two in the Olkiluoto plant. A fifth reactor (Olkiluoto 3) is in the implementation phase. The research reactor FiR 1 in Otaniemi, Espoo, owned by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, was the first nuclear reactor in Finland. It was decommissioned in 2015.

Finland is a pioneer in nuclear waste management

From an international perspective, Finland is a pioneer in nuclear waste management. Already since the 1990s, both plant sites have taken care of the low and intermediate level waste from their operations as well as the final disposal of waste. The final disposal facilities are in the bedrock, in a depth and with structures that ensure long-term safety. 

Spent fuel (i.e. high-level radioactive nuclear waste) is stored temporarily on the plant sites. The safety of the final disposal of spent fuel is ensured by depositing it into the bedrock sufficiently deep and with sufficient structures. A final disposal facility for high-level radioactive waste is under construction in Olkiluoto. It is the world’s first final deposal facility that is in the implementation phase and that has been issued a construction licence. 

Further information: juho.korteniemi(at)gov.fi, jaakko.louvanto(at)gov.fi