Support areas

Labour and other resources are unevenly distributed and for this reason there are differences in business opportunities between regions. The Government may designate least developed areas as support areas. Enterprises may receive higher aid for investments in the support areas than elsewhere in Finland. The aid is provided by ELY Centres.

The support areas are designated on the basis of the criteria laid down by the EU. Population density, GDP, unemployment rate and specific geographical features are used as the main criteria.

Support areas and aid levels 2022–2027

The specification of support areas for 2022–2027 is currently under preparation. As part of the process, comments will be requested on the Government decree on support areas. After that, the proposal will be finalised and submitted to the European Commission for approval. After the Commission has approved the support areas in Finland, the Government will issue a decree determining the support areas I and II. The aid levels are laid down in the decree issued under the Act on Discretionary Government Grants for the Development of Business Operations in 2021–2028, which will be updated to correspond with the new aid levels. 

The new support areas and aid levels are estimated to enter into force in spring 2022. Before that, the ELY Centres are not authorised to grant aid for company investments.

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