Boosting economic growth by promoting the internationalisation of enterprises

Exports and internationalisation are two important prerequisites for economic growth in Finland and for the growth of Finnish enterprises. As a part of innovation and industrial policy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) promotes and supports the sustainable growth and the internationalisation of enterprises.

The aim is to promote the export business and internationalisation of enterprises operating in Finland, to ensure that the enterprises can access the markets and to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises in the most important export markets.

The focus areas in the cooperation that supports the internationalisation of enterprises are especially in developing growing economies. The Ministry has structural agreements and working groups with several countries helping Finnish enterprises to establish contacts with business operators, authorities and public administration of the countries concerned. The connections and the activities are developed in accordance with the demand and the needs of the enterprises together with Team Finland network

Services provided by Team Finland network include support services for enterprises’ internationalisation and export, and promoting foreign investments and tourism. The main actors together with the MEAE are Business Finland, Finnvera, ELY Centres and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The business services provided by Team Finland network include advice, networking, training, and development and funding services..

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Mari Hakkarainen