Boosting economic growth by promoting the internationalisation of enterprises

The goal of promoting the internationalisation of enterprises is strengthening sustainable economic growth to create new jobs and to increase enterprises’ turnover and export.

Expanding outside Finnish borders brings more opportunities and multiplies growth to enterprises. The aim of internationalisation is to reach new customers and markets, competitive technologies and business models, suppliers for goods and services as well as capital and investments.

As a part of innovation and industrial policy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment promotes and supports the internationalisation of enterprises as a part of Team Finland network. Services provided by the MEAE, and e.g. Business Finland, Finnvera and ELY Centres include support services for enterprises’ internationalisation and export, and promoting foreign investments and tourism. The business services provided by Team Finland network include advice, networking, training, and development and funding services.

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Mari Hakkarainen