Research reactor (FiR 1) shut down in summer 2015

The research reactor located in Otaniemi, Espoo, was the first nuclear reactor in Finland. It was commissioned in 1962. The reactor has been used for radiotherapy, research, teaching and isotope production. Its thermal output is 250 kW.

The FiR 1 research reactor’s operating licence was renewed in 2011 and it is valid until 2023. In 2012, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd decided to decommission the research reactor. The decommissioning’s environmental impact assessment procedure was conducted in 2013–2015. VTT shut down the reactor in the summer of 2015.

VTT applied for an amendment to its operating licence in 2017, for the actual decommissioning. The government will process the matter in 2021 by estimate, once the storage for the test reactor’s decommissioning waste and spent fuel as well as final disposal facilities have been decided upon. The operating licence will define the terms for the decommissioning of the research reactor.

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