Low-carbon roadmaps 2020

The Government Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin outlined that the Government was committed to pursuing measures that will make Finland carbon neutral by 2035 and carbon negative soon after that. The Government Programme also outlined that sectoral low-carbon roadmaps would be drawn up in operators in relevant sectors. The aim of the roadmaps
was to obtain a more accurate picture of the scale, costs and preconditions of the measures.

A total of 13 sectors prepared roadmaps. In addition, one trade association and one labour market organisation published reports as their contribution to the roadmap project. The preparation was based on the principle that each sector knows their own sector best. The sectors were therefore responsible for the preparation and implementation of their roadmaps themselves. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment coordinated the project in cooperation with the sectoral ministries. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment published a summary of the main results of the sectoral roadmaps produced during 2020. The report includes summaries of published roadmaps, key conclusions of the project, a description of the work process and estimates of further work. It also explores how the roadmaps will be utilised in central government efforts towards carbon neutrality. 

Summary of sectoral low-carbon roadmaps

Sectoral roadmaps and contact information