Improving and maintaining employees’ competence

Study leave

An employer may take study leave to participate in studies subject to public supervision in Finland or abroad. Study leave and the prerequisites for using the leave are laid down in the Study Leave Act and Study Leave Decree. 

Financially-supported development of employee's professional skills

Under the Employment Contracts Act, an employer is obligated to see to maintaining and improving the competence of personnel in an employment relationship so that they can perform their work even when the operation of the enterprise, the work task or working methods change.

The employer is also obligated to arrange training for temporarily laid-off employees and employees who are offered other work as an alternative to termination, if training is necessary for accepting the new assignment.

When arranging training to improve professional competence for employees in employment relationships, the employer may receive financial support. The financial support and prerequisites for receiving the support is laid down in the Act on Financially-Supported Development of Professional Skills.

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