Regional development priorities

The Government decides on the national regional development priorities for each government term (regional development decision). The regional development decision guides the development of the different administrative branches and regions of the regional councils, and the coordination of these measures. Regional councils consider the regional development decision in their own strategies in cooperation with municipalities, cities and other bodies.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment prepares the regional development decision at the beginning of the government term in cooperation with other ministries, regional councils and other key players in regional development. 

The regional development decision includes the development objectives and policies for achieving the goals in different administrative branches. In cooperation with other ministries, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment formulates an action plan that will be updated during the government term and specify the measures taken by different administrative branches.
The Advisory Council on Regional Renewal guides the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the regional development decision.

Regional development decision 2024–2027

The regional development decision approved by the Government on 27 March 2024, Evolving and Prosperous Regions, outlines the policy objectives based on regional strengths and balanced regional development, which are linked to the Government Programme. A strong and committed Finland is built on the vitality of different regions and mutually supportive joint success. The priorities of the Orpo Government’s regional development decision are divided into three areas:

  • Sustainable vitality and investments 
  • Healthy population and communities 
  • Attractive living environment and diverse nature 

Comprehensive security, internationality and regional orientation are cross-cutting perspectives in all areas. The preconditions for regional development and the priorities are: accessible regions, availability of labour, employment, competence and education and culture, without which most of the priorities cannot be achieved. A goal has been set for each priority, including targets for this government term. 

Regional development requires intersectoral and interactive work to strengthen the vitality of different regions. The regional development decision underlines the importance of enhanced interaction within the Government, between the central government and regions, within the regions, between public and private sector organisations, and between organisations and citizens. Increasing interaction promotes the effectiveness of regional development.

Publication: Evolving and Prosperous Regions. Government’s Regional Development Decision 2024–2027 (in Finnish)

Further information: Petra Stenfors, petra.stenfors(at)