Advisory Council on Regional Renewal (AUNE)

The Advisory Council on Regional Renewal is a key national body bringing together the work carried out by various actors involved in regional development. These include councils, advisory boards and expert groups that promote regional development in different sectors. 

The Advisory Council on Regional Renewal guides the preparation of the regional development decision drawn up for the government term and monitors its implementation. In addition, the Advisory Council coordinates and monitors the strategy on regional development and its effectiveness as a whole, promotes cooperation between national and regional operators, anticipates and monitors regional development, communicates information on development needs and discusses key reforms related to regional development.

The Council is chaired by Director General Tiina Korhonen, representing the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The Council has representatives from ministries central to regional development, regional councils, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), Regional State Administrative Agencies, cities and municipalities of different sizes, key business and labour market organisations, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the Sámi Parliament and gender equality and environmental organisations. The term of the Advisory Council ends at the same time as the Government’s term of office.

A secretariat consisting of officials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment assists the Council in its work. In addition, the work of the Council and its secretariat is supported by a preparatory network consisting of representatives of the bodies represented in the Council.

Inquiries: Petra Stenfors, petra.stenfors(at), Hanna-Mari Kuhmonen, hanna-mari.kuhmonen(at), Jaana Valkokallio, jaana.valkokallio(at) and Tarja Reivonen-Kavonius, tarja.reivonen-kavonius(at)