Energy and climate strategy

Finland’s long-term goal is a carbon-neutral society.

Approximately 80 per cent of greenhouse gases causing global warming result from the production and consumption of energy, including transport. Thus, energy and climate policies are closely connected.

Energy policy also covers other matters that are not directly included in climate policy, such as the security of energy supply, the functioning of the energy market and the promotion of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

It has become an established practice that each government draws up an energy and climate strategy.

In addition to the strategies, the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Issues published in 2014 a report called “Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050” and the public servants of the Ministry drafted a report on energy policy options in 2015.

Climate and energy strategies are supported with background reports that do not contain policy guidelines. Moreover, calculations concerning different scenarios projecting Finland’s energy- and emissions-related development paths are also updated in the process, and the impacts of the strategy are evaluated.

The preparation of the new energy and climate strategy will take into account and coordinate the Government Programme’s energy and climate policies, the long- and medium-term climate change policy plans referred to in the Climate Change Act, and the EU’s energy and climate targets for 2030.

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