Labour Council

The Labour Council is an independent special authority coming under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. It has a minimum of nine part-time members three of whom are independent. The other members represent employer and employee organisations. The Government appoints the members for a term of three years. The Labour Council has a full-time secretary who presents the matters to the council for consideration.

The Labour Council issues opinions on the application and interpretation of legislation on working hours, annual holidays and occupational safety and health and a number of other acts on the protection of employees. The Labour Council also considers the requests for correction concerning the decisions on occupational safety and health derogation permits issued by Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Contact information:

Labour Council
P.O. Box 32, FI-00023 GOVERNMENT, Finland

Tel: +358 9 645 593
Fax: +358 9 645 597

E-mail: tyoneuvosto(at)

Full-time secretary of the Labour Council:
Jaana Paanetoja
Tel: +358 29 50 47104
E-mail: jaana.paanetoja(at)