Expropriation matters

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment processes expropriation permit applications concerning the construction of power lines (110 kV and 400 kV), and the Government grants the permits. If the parties concerned have agreed on the location of the transmission line or the expropriation is of minor significance, the expropriation permit application is processed and the permit granted by the National Land Survey of Finland.

When applying for an expropriation permit, the applicant must present a report that enables the authorities to assess whether the expropriation is necessary or to establish the existence of a right of expropriation. The application for an expropriation permit must include relevant maps and drawings, a list of the names and addresses of the land owners and holders concerned and, if necessary, information on the land use planning status of the area.

Provisions on expropriation are laid down in the Act on the Redemption of Immovable Property and Special Rights (603/1977). An expropriation permit may be granted when the public need so requires. However, an expropriation may not be carried out if its purpose can be equally well achieved by some other means or if the damage to private interests is greater than the benefit to be gained for public interests.

Consulting landowners

Before a decision is made on granting an expropriation permit, landowners are given an opportunity to express their opinion on the application. An expropriation permit granted by the Government may be appealed against to the Supreme Administrative Court.

After an expropriation permit has been granted, the National Land Survey of Finland initiates an expropriation procedure, which includes determining compensations to landowners. A landowner is entitled to full compensation for the financial losses caused by a transmission line project.

Decisions on compensations for expropriated property are made by an expropriation committee led by a land surveyor working for the National Land Survey of Finland. The committee also includes two trustees appointed by the municipal council.

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