National programme and environmental impact assessment of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management completed

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority published the national programme for spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management and the related decision on approval on 1 March 2022. They also published a report on the environmental impacts of the programme.

The national programme addresses the issues related to the management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in a comprehensive manner. The programme includes general objectives, principles, amounts and locations of spent fuel and radioactive waste management as well as an estimate of the costs and schedule of waste management. A key objective of the national programme is to develop radioactive waste management in Finland.

The national programme for spent fuel and radioactive waste management is a programme required of the Finnish State by Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom. In national legislation, provisions on the programme concerning the use of nuclear energy and the use of radiation are laid down in the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987) and the Radiation Act (859/2018), respectively. The new national programme replaces the first national programme drawn up in 2015.

In connection with the preparation of the programme, an environmental impact assessment was carried out in accordance with the Act on the Assessment of the Effects of Certain Plans and Programmes on the Environment (200/2005). The assessment includes a description of the operating environment, objectives and likely significant environmental impacts of the project, among other things.

Two consultation rounds were organised as part of the preparation of the programme, during which the authorities, operators in the sector, citizens and corporations were able to present statements and opinions. The statements and opinions have been taken into account in the preparation of the programme.

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