Increasing local collective bargaining

Increasing local bargaining is one of the Government’s reforms to develop the Finnish labour market into a more flexible direction. The objective is to support employment, economic growth, competitiveness and productivity.

The Government’s goal is that local collective bargaining will be equally possible in all companies, regardless of whether the company belongs to an employer association or the kind of employee representation the company has.

What are the next steps of the reform? According to the plan: Appointment of working group 3 July 2023. Final meeting of working group 14 February 2024. Consultation round 1 March–12 April 2024. Government proposal August 2024. New act to enter into force 1 January 2025

Questions and answers about local bargaining

Promoting local bargaining is one of the labour market reforms pursued by the Government.

The information on this page is based on the report produced by a tripartite working group, which was circulated for comments between 1 March and 12 April 2024. The contents of the proposal may change during the law drafting process.

Questions and answers about the concepts of local bargaining

Questions and answers about the local bargaining reform