What is innovation-friendly regulation?  

Innovation-friendly regulation is 

  • flexible, technology neutral and goal-oriented
  • predictable and conducive to clarity
  • supportive of competition and market dynamics
  • appropriate and proportionate
  • harmonised and scalable

Laying the foundation for innovation-friendly regulation can be promoted through a variety of measures: 

  • defining the principles and marginal conditions of innovation-friendly regulation 
  • strengthening cross-administrative collaboration and competence 
  • developing the assessment of regulatory impacts on innovation 
  • developing practices for early-stage engagement 
  • making bolder use of innovative forms of regulation and legislative solutions 
  • making strategic choices about using regulation as an innovation policy instrument  
  • giving the identification and anticipation of regulatory needs a stronger role in the development of emerging sectors 
  • using advisory regulation and implementation practices more efficiently

All stages of legislative drafting should take into consideration the innovation-friendliness of regulation.

Framework and perspectives of innovation-friendly regulation

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