Tourism actors

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for setting the priorities of the Finnish tourism policy and it develops the sector in cooperation with other ministries and sectoral actors. It is also responsible for the coordination of the measures supporting tourism, drafting of tourism legislation and management of tourism relations between nations.

The ministry takes part in the consideration of international tourism matters in the EU and in other international cooperation bodies, like OECD, EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region, Barents Euro-Arctic Region, Arctic Council and Nordic Co-operation. Development of tourism is closely connected with regional policy, which is also the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. Tourism is a major industry, particularly in the areas in Eastern and Northern Finland.

Ministry develops tourism in close cooperation with actors in other administrative branches. The aim of the inter-ministerial working group on tourism (MiniMatka) is to exchange information on tourism more effectively and prepare tourism-related matters. The working group meets several times per year and it is one the bodies implementing Finland’s tourism strategy. In addition, in 2016 a Tourism Cooperation Group was established consisting of 35 industry leaders representing different branches of tourism. The term of the Tourism Cooperation Group term expired in 2018.

Visit Finland

Visit Finland is an expert agency responsible for promoting Finland as a tourist destination in international markets. Its main task is to promote Finnish tourism by means of marketing communications and, in particular, by promoting Finland as a tourist destination. Visit Finland and the tourism industry conduct joint product campaigns and arrange fact-finding visits for foreign travel operators and the media that support the promotion of Finland as an attractive destination. It acquires market information for the industry and promotes product development. Visit Finland is a unit of Business Finland and receives its funding from the state budget.

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