Nordic Cooperation

Nordic cooperation aims to promote the common Nordic interests and values. The presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers steering this work rotates on an annual basis. Finland will hold the Presidency in 2016.

During its Presidency, Finland wishes to promote networking in the context of concrete objectives and projects. Another aim is to enhance the profile and image of Nordic cooperation from the perspective of business life and civil society.

Official Nordic cooperation takes place in the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers. Ministers and government officials of the Nordic countries meet on a regular basis at international and regional venues and bilaterally. There is also independent cooperation in many specific sectors (e.g. Nordic Investment Bank).

The parties to this Nordic cooperation are Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland and the autonomous territories of Åland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Nordic cooperation matters involving the Ministry of Employment and the Economy are considered at the Council of Ministers for Business, Energy and Regional Policy (MR-NER) and Council of Ministers for Labour (MR-A).

In the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, work on Nordic cooperation is carried out in the Regional Department, Enterprise and Innovation Department, Energy Department and Employment and Entrepreneurship Department, with Committees of Senior Officials of their own. These committees prepare development proposals for the ministers.

Under the Committees of Senior Officials there are specialised joint Nordic research institutes whose research inputs are used in the decision-making on Nordic issues.

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